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OK so theres been a lot going on in my life right now.. i was getting to the point where i was overwhelmed with it all. My grades began to suffer and I had absolutely no energy at all especially at about 7pm when i would get so irritable and tired i would stay in my room away from everyone.  First off my dad and step-mom are in the process of a divorce and if you don't already know my real mom is out of the picture. It weird going from a house of seven to just four and not only am i losing who i considered my mom but also two little brothers. For a while it was going back and forth if they were gonna work it out or not but now its final. Now the whole time they couldn't make up their minds I just wanted to know either way, but now that t is decided i realize either way it was going to hurt.. alot. I have began to feel a lot better all of a sudden though. I am not nearly as exhausted and my grades and studying are going much better (although i did quit softball). Hopefully i can continue on this good path for a while

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